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Answering Common Questions Regarding Estate Planning

Q: I am interested in hearing more about estate planning services. What documents are part of an estate plan? At McAvoy & Murphy, one of the first things we bring up at our free initial consults is that there is no “one size fits all” approach to estate planning. We offer our services both in […]

Living Trust Advantages: Part 2

In the first part of this series explaining the benefits of having a Living Trust, we touched base on 5 reasons a person would consider having a trust drafted as opposed to other testamentary documents. This post highlights two specific reasons why someone would prefer a trust: 1) the benefits of avoiding probate and 2)the […]

5 Advantages of a Living Trust over a Simple Will

One of the most basic decisions to make when estate planning is whether you should create a Will or a Living Trust. This post gives 5 reasons why an individual would choose to create a Living Trust over a Will. The five reasons are: 1) A will leads you directly into the probate court. A […]

Do I Need Estate Planning?

Provisions can be added to your estate planning documents to prevent unnecessary bureaucracy. For example, the document can provide that if a beneficiary does not survive you by at least sixty days, that beneficiary will not be treated as surviving for the purposes of your estate. This provision alone could save the cost and delay […]

Estate Planning Attorney in Waukesha, Wisconsin

Estate Planning: who needs it? Wills, trusts, and other estate planning documents can be very important for preserving your property and in directing that property where you want it to go. Without a will or trust in place, a person’s assets will be disposed of by state law upon his or her death. This state […]